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  • Whitewood (White Spruce)
  • Redwood (Pine)
  • Douglas Fir

Other species are available - please inquire.

Size and Lengths
We are currently supplying a very large range of sizes that include:
  • Thickness 9mm - 75mm (11/32" - 3")
  • Width 25mm - 300mm (1" - 12")
  • Lengths 300mm - 6000mm (1' - 20')

We can supply as PET (Precision End Trimmed) where required
Other sizes and lengths are available - please inquire

Rough, planed, or moulded products are available.
Please contact us for more details.
Moisture Content
We can kiln dry to varying moisture contents depending upon your requirements.
Some of our most common ones are shown below:
  • Max. 19% used for structural products
  • Max. 15% for lamstock
  • 8-12% for lamstock, flooring and paneling

Other moisture content options are available - please inquire.

Our main products are high quality lumber used for structural and non-structural (decorative) uses such as:
  • Rough Lumber - many different sizes - very good for further remanufacture for furniture, components etc.
  • Dimension lumber - used in the construction of 2 x 4 housing
  • Wall, floor & roof components - used in the construction of prefabricated &/or post and beam houses
  • Laminating stock - used for making laminated posts & beams
  • Siding - used on the outside of buildings.
  • Fascia - used as trim on the outside of buildings.
  • Paneling - used on interior walls / ceilings for decorative purposes
  • Flooring - used on interior floors.
  • Boards - 1" boards for Do-it-yourself (DIY) / Home Centre business and for further remanufacturing

In addition, we are also able to supply lower quality grades for further remanufacture.

We make products according to established grading authorities (for example: PLIB, TPI, & JAS) and also according to customer specific grades.


We have only listed our main products available in this introduction. We are also in a position to supply many other items and we look forward to your inquiries. Detailed information about each of our supply partners is available upon request to our customer partners. Please inquire.