your partner for service

KP Wood Ltd. strives to provide a high level of service from the inquiry stage through to shipment and documentation.

Questions and Inquiries
With offices in Canada and the USA, K P Wood Ltd. communicates with both its supply and customer partners in a fast and efficient manner.
Order Confirmation
As soon as an order is confirmed, our Team issues confirmation documentation to both customer and supplier to ensure that no details are missed. In many cases specific shipping & production details are finalized at this stage and these are carefully tracked in our KP WoodMart system
Shipping Schedules
The KP Wood Team is in regular contact with our supply partners and all shipping details are continually tracked and communicated to our supply and customer partners.
Product Inspection
Given the nature of wood there can be the potential for quality issues. It is the policy of KP Wood Ltd. to respond and rectify all quality problems as soon as possible.