KP Wood Ltd. was originally established in 1987 to service the Japanese and European markets. Since that time we have expanded our markets to include the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and China.
We offer a variety of products from supply partners in both Europe and North America. A sampling of products available includes the following:

For the North American market:

  • - European Spruce and Pine (SPF) dimension lumber and boards
  • - Profiled stock
  • - Finger-jointed and edge glued boards
  • - Blockboard and other specialty products based on customer requirements

For the Asian market:

  • - Dimension lumber
  • - Lamina
  • - Hagarazai
  • - Low Grades

For the European market:

  • - Western Red Cedar shakes and shingles
  • - Dimension lumber

With office locations both in Canada and the USA we are available to effectively communicate with our supply and market partners in a timely and efficient manner.

KP Wood Ltd. strives to provide a wide range of consistent quality products, shipped on time and with a high level of service.